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Here are some answers for our most often asked questions.

Do I need to have my own kayak?

No.  It is better to practice in your own kayak to learn, but we can make arrangements to get you a rental kayak.

 Is kayaking safe?

Kayking can be a great safe sport, but it does involve the risk that comes with being on the water.  It is MUCH safer when you take a class and learn water safety and how to rescue yourself or someone else. 

Do I have to get wet?

While we do not make anyone get in the water, we do teach how to get back in your kayak from the water.  You may watch our demonstration and not participate during that time if you like, but there is always a chance you may go in the water during practice, so do prepare to get wet.  

Can I bring a child to class? 

We allow children 8 and above to take the class, with a parent in the class as well.  If you have a child interested in water sports, it is a great idea to have them learn some water safety and how to get back in/on their kayak.  We do require that the children know how to swim.

Do I have to know how to swim?

It is highly recommended that you do know how to swim.  However, you will be in a life jacket to keep you afloat at all times when you are practicing learning new strokes.  

What are your cancellation policies for bad weather?

Class will be cancelled in the event of lightning, high winds or heavy rain.  Severe weather may cause us to alter start or end time, an/or temporarily suspend class. 

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