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Build your kayaking, canoeing and SUP skills with a Certified Instructor.  If you are new to kayaking or have never had a formal kayak safety training, we would suggest you taking the Intro to Kayaking Class first, then build your skills learning self and assisted-rescues once you are more comfortable with your kayaking skills.  If you still need help working on a specific area try our Mini-Clinic, designed to target areas in one-on-one instruction.  Want to learn how to canoe? We have a class for you! Interested in stand-up paddleboarding? We have all levels!  Even SUP Yoga! Do you have even bigger adventures in mind; paddling the entire Tennessee River or other multi-day expeditions? Want to join us for a fun kayak tour or paddleboard excursion? We have you covered!!                                        



Quick-Start Your Kayak

This is a short program that emphasizes safety, enjoyment and skill aquisition for entry level paddlers.  It will give you a great introduction to the fundamentals of kayaking.  You will learn basic paddle strokes, forward, reverse and turning strokes, safety on the water, how to enter and exit a kayak.  No previous experience needed.  From $55 

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    Intro to Canoe

This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of canoeing in a comfortable flatwater setting. You will learn proper paddle strokes and paddle techniques. You will also learn the basics of water safety, and trip planning. Learn how to launch, use proper forward, reverse and sweep paddle strokes, and practice these skills on a beautiful local waterway.

SUP 101

SUP 101 covers basic techniques of stand-up paddling, including balance, paddling, standing up, going straight, turning, how to fall and re-mount. You will learn water safety, and also get an overview of the types of boards available, paddles and other gear most appropriate for a beginner. It is perfect for people of all ages, body types and skill levels. What are you waiting for! From $45

Paddleboard Excursions

Experience our local waterways by paddleboard! Join the best guide to stand up paddleboarding in Knoxville.  Rent paddleboards or bring your own.  Group and private tours available on request.

From $65

                 SUP YOGA

SUP Yoga is one of the fastest growing segments of outdoor recreation.  A combination of stand-up paddleboarding and Yoga Instruction on your board.  The benefits of SUP Yoga improves your core power, balance and flexibility, stamina and endurance, all while having fun and building confidence.  

From $45

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Over The Horizon;

Taking On Your Long-Range River Quest!

This course is designed to be a practical and straight forward classroom approach for preparing, equipping, and safely accomplishing any long-range, multi-day kayak and camping river adventure!  This course can be adapted to most any river, but is based on the insights and experiences of Steve Ellis, who at age 65 completed his solo kayaking adventure of all 652 miles of the Tennessee River!  This class will prepare you for setting reasonable goals, evaluating your ability and training to achieve your quest, planning your path while finding average speed and miles per day,utilizing resources of related agencies and organizations, creating a bail-out plan for every river mile, and common and uncommon hazards.  River quests involve intricate planning regarding weather, shuttle/resupply logistics, campsite improvisation, Dam lock through, river traffic, and physical pacing. Steve wants to share his experience so others can follow their dream and take on their own Over The Horizon River Quest safely!  Course hand-out materials included. $175

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