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Come, learn and build your skills with an ACA Certified Instructor.  If you are new to kayaking or have never had a formal kayak safety training, we would suggest you taking the Intro to Kayaking Class first, then build your skills learning self and assisted-rescues once you are more comfortable with your kayaking skills.  If you still need help working on a specific area try our Mini-Clinic, designed to target areas in one-on-one instruction.  

                                           COME GROW WITH US!


Quick-Start Your Kayak

This is a short program that emphasizes safety, enjoyment and skill aquisition for entry level paddlers.  It will give you a great introduction to the fundamentals of kayaking.  You will learn basic paddle strokes, forward, reverse and turning strokes, safety on the water, how to enter and exit a kayak.  No previous experience needed.  $55





   Paddlesports Safety Facilitator Course

This course is a land-based course that can also be used for any member of the general public that wants to have a comprehensive knowledge base of on-water safety and best practices for enjoyable paddling skill aquisition for entry level paddlers. It is appropriate for the staff of liveries, parks, rental companies, or guide services. Other markets that will use the PSF program include summer camps, youth organizations (such as the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Girl Scouts of America.  $75

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