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"Other than a few minutes of instruction when renting, I hadn't had any formal safety training prior to taking Karen's course.  She is very knowledgeable, patient and made it fun in the process.  I highly recommend before hitting the water taking her class."

Donna Lange Grabrowski

"Great intruction for beginners or refresher for experienced paddlers.  Karen is very knowledgeable and passionate for water safety and makes the class so stinking fun!"

Ava Ianni

"The instruction and training are top notch.  I have learned SO much, and that makes each paddling adventure more and more enjoyable."

Kellie Grantham Mzik

"I took the Rocky Point Tour and had a fantastic experience. Karen was so great at teaching me all the basics and even gently correcting when I was using the wrong technique. I highly recommend kayaking with Karen! You will not be disappointed!"

Nancy Bellinger

"I have taken Karen’s course and have had many great times kayaking with her. Karen is patient, encouraging, and fun as an instructor. She gives gentle guidance as she observes your stroke and style. Karen helped me choose my kayak, paddle, and trailer. We have paddled to beautiful spots in Knoxville, Oakridge, Lake Lure and surrounding areas. Safety has always been first. Peace found on the waters with Karen has made kayaking part of my life."

Carol Rech

"First, Karen is an absolute joy to be with on the water! Second, I have learned so much from her about how to paddle and how to stay safe while enjoying one of life's true gifts: gliding through the water so quietly that the shore birds hardly blink. If you want to learn or to build on what you already know, I cannot recommend Karen highly enough!!"

Rebecca Bryant

People may think kayak instruction is not necessary. Grab a paddle, jump in the kayak, and take off. I never kayaked and decided to take Karen's instruction thinking I may pick up a thing or two. I grew up using a canoe so I could just apply those skills to kayaking. Boy was I wrong. No comparison since I was about to use the open water. She was extremely knowledgeable and truly cared about making sure everyone had extensive safety instruction and focused on everyone individually to make sure they grasped everything. If you walk away learning just 1 thing then it was worth it but I challenge anyone to ONLY learn 1 thing from Karen that they don't carry with them and share with others. I could see how dedicated she is in making sure everyone has the knowledge and confidence to be in control of their kayak on the water, and to make sure safety stays in the forefront. I highly recommend her instruction.

Kathy Tomaszewski

Highly recommend the Intro to Kayaking experience with Karen. She did an amazing job with teaching us the beginning techniques and how to safely and efficiently navigate the water to not tire out. I enjoyed the ‘land’ training portion first as I was a bit unsure of how to even get in the kayak so that was very helpful to get started then we got in the boat on the water, learned more techniques while she critiqued our form and ensured we were learning and applying what we learned to get across the water. Overall a wonderful experience. Learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and really felt comfortable learning from someone with such a passion for teaching and kayaking. On the fence? Book now"

Lynsey Leann

I have been a touring paddler for over 35 years.  I have paddled with Karen on multiple trips of varying difficulty, including her Rocky Point route.  Karen is very skilled and safety conscious paddler.  Her Rocky Point trip is a great paddling location within the suburban Knoxville area.

              Richard Redano

I've paddled many trips with Karen over the years. Very well organized, and Karen is a pleasure to be around. Her knowledge of flat water kayaking is very impressive. We've recently paddled Calderwood Lake tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains. Excellent experience !

Karen's skill set on paddling technique, instruction and leading trips is an absolute treasure. I highly recommend Karen as an instructor and tour guide.

              Doug Johnstone

I had a wonderful time with Karen on the Rocky Point paddle.

She is a safety focused instructor and guide, who imparts her experience and love for paddle sports onto her clients.

Rocky Point is a great spot to witness Knoxville by water.


Terry Ray 

Lisa Driver, MI

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